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Not a single soul to our first open house

We had our first open house to let out our current apartment yesterday. We made sure to keep it spotless and organised – neither of us are very good at that, so it was a big task for us. We were very anxious about how many would turn up to inspect the property but it was a big shock to us when no one showed up. Yes NO ONE. Not a single soul. It was a shock because our suburb is considered one of the “hottest” for the rental market. This suburb has a major train station, big shopping centers and the local stores, quite a wide variety of restaurants, school and medical centres all within easy reach. But yet, NO ONE seemed to want to come to inspect our apartment 😦 So we looked into why people did not shortlist us: not long enough in the market – the apartment was only advertised on the property website 3 days prior to open house date. time clash with other competitive apartment – there were 2 other apartment that …

Our first apartment

Some photos of our first apartment. I feel in love the amount of light throughout the room & the big spacious eat in kitchen. (And also because we could not afford that “dream house” with nice lawn and white picket fences.) As you can see, I am not much of decor person.