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The mini paint job

The mini paint job

Anything DIY, we are hopeless so any little project completed is a big triumph. Like this little ceiling paint job. All we needed to do was just repaint small areas of the ceiling where the old lighting had been removed and gyprock re-patched. But SS was hardly bothered by the little marks and basically lazy to work on it. And I was so nervous to do this myself. Nervous that repainting the patch was going to make the ceiling took even worse and we would end up needing to paint the entire ceiling. But it was so easy peasy – just as the Bunnings had told (convinced) me. I was advised to buy this tiny tub of paint and mini size roller brush – the size of the tools gave me the confidence that it really WAS a tiny job and I was just overreating.  2 coats, 2 hours apart and the patches were almost invisible. I almost feel confident to repaint the whole ceiling… but naah, that definitely is over ambitious. Advertisements

My Petunias need your prayers

After much research … I have landed on planting Petunias in front of the house. Why I chose Petunia? They were on sale at Bunnings – This is my first go at gardening. So of course, I was not going to spend fortune on getting a “designer plant” . Yes, there are such thing as “designer plants”. I wanted something that gave a lot of flowers for the same gardening effort – I think seeing a lot of bloom, will make me appreciate gardening a lot more. The flowering season is said to be Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring – This means bloom all year round. Good for me! They are pretty and comes in all of my favourite colours – deep red, white, blue, lavender.

Our first “real” DIY project – Automated Garage Door

So excited to share our “victory” of our first real DIY project – installing the motor to automate our roller garage door. Wohooo!! In our first apartment, we paid around $600 to get this installed, including the motor. But this time, thanks to my “courageous” hubby, we just paid $264 for the Chamberlain motor (from Bunnings) and saved on labour 😉 Chamberlain Garage Door Opener: Video Instruction:

We got an awesome flooring deal!

We finalised an awesome deal on floating timber floor today with a company named Ankors. We had collected a number quotes on timber flooring from these companies: Seven Flooring Colorful Flooring Sunshine Timber Flooring Bunnings Harvey Norman St George Flooring Centre But the standout was Ankors – a warehouse on a rather desolate side of Paramatta. It did not have the gloss and glam of Bunnings, Harvey Norman or other fancy showrooms (it actually looked a bit spooky initially) but it provided the same product and service for nearly half the price. And, these guys were recommended to us by friends who also got the product for super cheap and the quality of install at their place was good too. So why not! I must say, the lady there – Janet, was pretty patient with us. She put up with all our questions and un-decisiveness over the one strip or two strip or three strip timber, the type of timber, the gloss or no gloss and so on. It was not easy but we finally landed on Kempus …