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Words of caution

Both SS and me want a nice & pretty outdoors – of course. But neither of us have a green thumb. And the greenary around our house is turning wild.  So we went to Bunnings to get some help. The lady there (very politely) told us to not even bother about buying pretty plants straight away.  We are to kill the weeds (and mow the lawn) first. So we bought this selective weed killer thing called “Weed ‘n Feed”, to “just spray all over”, as advised.

Selective weed killing

Since I had the day off today I thought I would test out my “green thumbness” do the “selective weed killing”. Its just spraying that dust – how hard can it be.  But now I realise that packaging has so many warnings & words of caution that I am quite nervous to spray it. Here is ONE sect of the instructions:

  • DO NOT apply to lawns less than 6 months old  – I guesssss the lawn is pretty old… so we should be fine with this one.
  • DO NOT apply during hot or windy weather – I need a perfect weather day. Today sounds good as I am free but then its not the usual sunny Sydney today.  In fact its a slightly windy – windy enough to blow the spray away, but not quite that it would choke someone. What if the spray touches the walls of the house…Will it stain? Instruction also says it can stain hands.. does it apply to walls?
  • DO NOT apply to non-grass lawns such as clover and dichondra – …. Di-chon—what???
  • DO NOT exceed the rate of application – Needs further reading.. Instruction in another section reads “One handful per…. “…oh whatever..
  • DO NOT breathe dust – Sounds like I could be dead by the end of it.

And the words of caution continues…

I mean it’s good that they have clearly stated what we need to be cautious of – especially things like being care to avoid contact with eyes & skin, wear gloves since it could cause staining etc. But everything else listed there is so overwhelming – especially for first timers like me. It almost sounds like they are insuring themselves, you know, just in case someone sues them for not warning them about “breathing in dust”.

Surely, I must be overthinking this. Are there are some words of caution I can take lightly? Anyone done this before? I am a nerve wreck.



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