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Stabbed Ego by Luke S. Kennedy

I had not read a book since I left college – several years ago. But couple of weeks back, I felt sort of compelled to buy this book called Stabbed Ego mainly because it was an autobiography of my gym instructor. I just felt the need to support him. I honestly did not really have much hopes on the book but I was really curious to know what a (good looking) instructor, with an beautiful wife and a pretty successful business, had so interesting about his life that he had to write a book about it. I sort of guessed it would be one of those many “stories of success” that people write. And it was, but it wasn’t just about the highs in life. It was also about the lows – the countless lows and worst that one can be. As I started reading it, I was shocked – more so because I was not able relate this character in the book to the gym instructor that I knew. And then I was intrigued. By the end, I was inspired and was left with such respect for this guy. It is truly a ‘Thug’s Journey to Enlightenment’.

Stabbed Ego - Luke S. Kennedy

Autobiography ‘Stabbed Ego’ written by my gym instructor – Luke S. Kennedy or ‘Punchys’ as he might like to be called.

This booked helped me break the spell from reading. Since then, I have been on a roll in reading autobiographies!

P.S. I have just finished reading my current book. Any suggestions on what should be my next?


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